Thrill Daily News 6-30-11


Do you know what a Bullnese is? It’s a breed of dog that was gotten by mixing a bulldog with a pekineses. The result is a dog that looks remarkably like a pug with a bit longer of a snout, a wider body and more attitude. They are extremely loyal dogs, and are babies of sorts. They really don’t play well with others, and tend to go for the ankles when you walk by. They snore, grunt and fart. Ours is named Turk, yes…after the guy on scrubs (because he looks like a little chocolate bear). Today we found out that even though he is named after a black character, he is extremely racist. We found this out as chased some poor kid down the street. I don’t know what Turk thought he was going to do..probably the same thing he does when he corners anything he doesn’t like. Bark at it for a really long time. This breed isn’t exactly known for their intelligence.

My theme park news likes you, look at him wag.

Laserman:R3CONF1GUR3D has made it’s debut at ElecTRONica at Disneyland. The new addition to the nightly show has gotten rave reviews, as has ElecTRONica itself.

Disney has launched an all new Star Tours website that gives you a sneak peak at Star Tours 2. You can explore the new destinations and take a look at favorite characters. You can even explore with Bree Starlighter.

Disney and Marvel has announced the inevitable. THOR 2 will hit theaters with the big throbbing hammer July 26, 2013. This will be a few months after Iron Man 3 hits. The original directors will not return to the franchises, though THOR director Kenneth Brannaugh will serve as producer.


The Dania Beach Hurricane may not be dead after all. According to Miami Today, the Hurricane may just end up as part of Zoo Miami’s Entertainment district. The Hurricane would be the centerpiece of a planned amusement park, and the district would eventually house a waterpark, shopping and dining. But the most important part…they would save the Hurricane!

Sea World San Antonio has seen some severely dry weather. It’s so dry that the park has cancelled fireworks for the 4th of July. The cancellation comes as a area wide ban on fireworks has been enforced by the brutally dry conditions. Sea World has released a statement via their website that they will comply with the ban and cancel the fireworks scheduled for the 4th of July.
Zoomers Amusement park in Fort Meyers has never opened. It has finally found a new buyer who hopes to change that. The park has sat empty for years, and even had a small coaster that sat in pieces in the parking lot. That coaster was often stolen and thieves tried to sell it for scrap metal. Under the new ownership, hopes are high to finally get the park open. More details.

Lake Compounce will be hosting it’s 2nd annual Lake After Dark music event on Fridays in July and August. It will feature music from up and comers and cover bands. More information.

Fireworks are big, bright and LOUD! That’s the best part! You can usually hear and feel really good hard fireworks before you see them…that is unless you’re at Elitch Gardens. They have removed some of the most percussive fireworks to take away some of the boom. They’ve received many complaints, but instead of doing away with fireworks altogether, they just made sure that they were compliant with noise ordinances. See more here.

India is the home to Bollywood. Bollywood is famous for taking ideas from Hollywood and remaking them with different actors and lower budgets. It seems that now India is trying to do the same with amusement attractions as well and taking the name of the “Calcutta Eye” which Merlin Entertainment isn’t taking lightly.
The official press release from Merlin

Global visitor attraction operator, Merlin Entertainments (‘Merlin’) today put a marker firmly in the sand when it comes to how fiercely it will always protect its brands. The company fired off a warning shot from its lawyers to the bergers of Calcutta in India who have just announced plans for a giant observation wheel as part of a major leisure development plan for the City – and who referred to it as the Calcutta ‘Eye’ in the announcement. While there is currently no indication of who might build and operate this attraction should it materialise, unless this is Merlin itself then Calcutta will not be entitled to use the “Eye” name. The ‘Eye’ is an observation attraction brand owned by Merlin in which the company has invested many £millions, and the goodwill of which Merlin jealously defends.

This is not the first time Merlin has been prepared to take legal action to protect is brands. It has done so successfully several times in the case of the “Eye” around the world, as well as its other brands.

‘We value our brands and are very clear on this. We will not tolerate any behaviour which undermines them or potentially brings them into disrepute. We will therefore take immediate and very strong action if we ever see this happen – with no exceptions.” concluded Earlam.

In other words…keep your paws off our EYE!

Ride of the Day

Monsters take you on a boatride through their wacky mansion. It’s part Disney, but distinctly Six Flags. Monster Mansion is your Ride of the Day