Thrill Weekly Poll-Best Theme park value


The Disney parks have raised their ticket prices twice within the course of a year. Universal has follow suit, and raised their prices. Pretty soon Sea World parks will and the spiral will continue until every park in America does. But at the end of the day is it worth the ticket hike?

The goal of the ticket price increase isn’t solely a cash grab, but a marketing strategy aimed at getting you to stay more days at a park.
Example-If the price of a one day ticket is $87 dollars at Disney, and a three day ticket is $120 the budget minded consumer is more likely to spend the extra money to get extra days. After all they’re saving money! But take into account two extra days of parking and anything else that person buys each day….that’s more money that Disney pits into their pocket.
Someone asked “If that’s the case, then why wouldn’t Disney ONLY offer one day tickets?”
The average consumer may not send an extra $87 dollars to get an extra day,but they’ll spend an extra 40. To them It’s a value! Once they spend that, they don’t think about spending the extra 15 on parking each day or the extra 5 on a coke.
And even more than the multiday tickets parks are pushing annual and season passes. But which theme park offers the best value on annual passes? When you buy a pass, what other perks do you get? How much does it cost in comparison to other ticketing options?
This is what we ask you. Which park do you think has the best value on their annual passes? Who gives you more bang for the buck?
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We’ll have the results Sunday.