Thrill Weekly Poll-What is the Best Roller Coaster in America?


This week is national Roller Coaster week! Roller Coasters have become one of America’s favorite past times, and a favorite activity of ours for a really long time. But the question remains. What is the BEST Coaster in America?

That’s a loaded question to be sure, but everyone has a favorite. For me my favorite hands down is Apollo’s Chariot. To me, that’s the best. I’m sure everyone will have different answers, but we want to know..which coaster is the BEST?
[polldaddy poll=5143789]
Yes, I realize I’ve only got a few coasters up there, but that’s where you come in! If you don’t see your favorite listed then put it in there! I also realize that there are wood and steel coasters, and many say it’s not fair to compare. One fact remains, both types are a type of coaster and a great coaster should transcend the type of material it’s made from. The best, should still be the best regardless of the type. So there will not be a separate list for wood and steel coasters. You can only vote once an hour, so make sure you come back often and vote for your favorite coaster again and again! We will crown the king of coasters with a special award on Sunday! Please note we will only take nominations for coasters that are operating. Sorry son of beast fans.
Most importantly..during National Roller Coaster Week…go ride a coaster!