SyFy stars get spooked at Halloween Horror Nights


Actors are wusses. Let’s get that out there right away. If they aren’t wusses they sure do a good job…acting…like it. Such was the case with Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 21 when stars of the SyFy channel shows came out to take a tour of some of the houses.

Josh Gates – host of “Destination Truth,” Colin Ferguson – star of “Eureka” and McKenzie Westmore – presenter of “Face Off” were all on hand to tour a few of the houses including Winter’s Night: The Haunting of Hawthorne Cemetary, and The Thing, based on the Universal prequel film of the same name.

Funny reactions to great scares at this year’s event. How do you react to the scares? Personally, I tend to clam up a bit and a bit of a whimper. My favorite is to be behind people like this, though my personal favorite story comes from a woman and her sister opening weekend.

We were behind the two in line for Nevermore-The Madness of Edgar Allan Poe. One sister got the first scare and went running, the other sister jumped back and almost fell. It was hilarious. Being the lover of misery at other people’s expenses I helped her back up and gave her a gentle “nudge” towards the rest of the house. She wanted to go back, the cast member near the “Exit” sign told her to keep moving forward (probably loving her misery as much as me) and onward she trudged. Every time she would get a scare, she’d jump back and I’d push her forward. After a while she decided that she knew me well enough to grab my arm for support at which point I proceeded to get the attention of the actors who proceeded to pelt her continuously until she finally found space to run. Moral of the story-I’m not very sympathetic to your fear.

Back to the news story-you’d expect SyFy hosts to be a little braver, though thankfully for our sakes their not.
Halloween Horror Nights continues for another two weeks, for more information including tickets, visit the official website.