Walt Disney World update-Fantasyland, construction and more!


It’s been a while since we took a look around Walt Disney World. In that time a lot has been going on. They’ve changed the parking lot around, Fantasyland is starting to actually look like concept art, and Downtown Disney is getting a huge facelift. We also snoop around Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

The Magic Kingdom has completely revamped their entire parking lot. Instead of the old batch of characters, we now get “Heroes and Villains”. Huge amounts of great characters such as Aladdin and Jafar, Peter Pan and Hook. Funny thing though, they have Woody, and Zurg. Wouldn’t Buzz be a better fit?
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Fantasyland is at an amazing stage right now as a lot of the work that’s being done makes the area look like the concept art. Rich vibrant colors are being put on Little Mermaid, while finishing touches seem to be making “Be Our Guest” come to life.
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Downtown Disney was to get Hyperion Wharf, and it’s kind of stalled, but that doesn’t stop new construction from happening.

Probably the coolest and biggest renovation happening is the conversion of the Virgin Mega Store into Splittsville. It’s first off going to be huge, secondly should be a ton of fun. How much do you want to bet that no matter when you go in, you’re never going to get a lane to bowl?
The one huge problem I have with Downtown Disney is the huge sprawling size. You have to walk quite a long distance and then back again. Wouldn’t it be simply amazing if the powers that be decided to scrap the Market and rebuild it on barges right in front of the West Side? Make a huge circle that is easier to navigate and doesn’t isolate everyone.
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And finally we take another look at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. With just a week left until Halloween, it’s going to be sad to see all the pumpkins replaced with Christmas decorations. Especially since the Haunted Mansion looks so good! Now if we could only get a Haunted Mansion Holiday of our own.
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