Thrill Weekly Poll-Best Social Media Presence


Social Media has taken theme park advertising and promotion to all new levels in the past two years. Even in the past 12 months parks have taken risks and pushed levels of guest interaction that they really wouldn’t have thought of ten years ago. Parks are getting closer to guests by making them more than just guests, but embracing “fans” and “followers”. The question we ask for this week’s poll is who does it best?

What exactly does it take to be the best? We’ve seen parks give away free items, free tickets and major hook ups to their fans. Some parks spout off fun facts, while others tick off trivia questions just for the sake of asking. Other parks use Social Media to find out precisely what their fans want out of a visit.

Who does it the best?

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Last year Cedar Point took home the gold as they showed the world that they are more in touch with their legions of fans than anyone else. Are they still in touch this year? Do you feel another park does it better?

Have fun!