Thrill Weekly Poll-Best Theme Park Employees


A theme park is comprised of many different components all working together to make a well themed, well oiled, fun machine. One of the biggest components of that machine are the employee. A park can have amazing rides and attractions, but if that park has employees that give less than their best and seem to be having a miserable time working, then a guest can have a miserable time at the park. But which park has the best employees? Which park’s employees make you feel the most like one of the big happy family?

This week we ask that very question. Which theme park has the best theme park employees? Is it Walt Disney World, the park that many others have set their standards against? Perhaps it’s one of the many Six Flags parks across the country? Which is the one park that you have had the best experience with employees?

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We have narrowed the poll down to just twenty five parks. We have chosen these twenty five nominees based on many different factors. Some of those factors are

  • Attendance
  • Trip reports and reader experiences from this and many other theme park websites
  • Media coverage such as overall positive and negative experiences
  • Opinions of our readers, Facebook fans and Twitter followers
If you don’t see your park nominated, then we apologize and wish them better luck in the next polls.  Last year Holiday World took the honor of having the Best Theme Park Employees. Have their employees lived up the title bestowed upon them? Vote and let us know!

Further, we will give the winning park the chance to name an employee as the official Behind The Thrills employee of the year. This employee best exemplifies the service and quality that guests vote for! In the event that a park does not wish to name an employee, we will ask our fans to nominate an employee.

Votes can be made once a day for the duration of the poll, so we fully encourage all to come back daily and vote for your favorite park. If you are with a nominated park, we strongly recommend encouraging your Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and other social media outlets to vote for you daily. After all, if your fans do not know your park is nominated, they can’t vote for you!
Good luck! We will see you next week for another poll, one you can sink your teeth into!