Thrill Weekly Poll-Best Theme Park News site 2011


It’s Monday which means time for another Thrill Weekly Poll! This is a subject near and dear to our hearts, well, because we fall into this category. How do you get all of your theme park news and information? Are you the type to read through page after page of forums? Do you go to one site for news and rumors? Do you listen to a podcast that informs and entertains?

However it is that you get your theme park news and information, we want you to vote for them!

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Last year’s winner was, who ran away with it. This year we are not only including a lot more websites, but a lot of great blogs and columns that provide some really great theme park information. Let’s see if Lance can hold them off this year and emerge victorious yet again.

Unfortunately we cannot include every single website out there (there are just way too many to include). Our criteria for the nominees are as follows:

  • On the web for more than a year
  • Covers more than one park or park chain (If a site’s coverage consists of more than 70% of one theme park chain or company they do not qualify. Sorry Disney fansites)
  • The site must have regular updates. At least one per week, and several in the past three months
  • Must consist of original content. Copy and pasting press releases, or content from other websites does not qualify as original content.
  • Must have a social media presence (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc.)
Congratulations to all who have been nominated. If we missed someone you think should be nominated, let us know and we’ll take a look at them. However we reserve the right to not include a site in the list and to disqualify a site for any reason at all.
We recommend that all sites, and fans of the sites promote the fact that you are nominated. The more you promote, the more votes you receive!
And thank you to those who have nominated Behind The Thrills. That means so much to us, but we have taken ourselves out.
Good Luck and Have Fun!