Thrill Weekly Poll-The Best Theme Park Food Destination. Period.


Thanksgiving is a time of year that we gather with family and reflect on what we have to be thankful for. Let’s be completely honest, it’s also all about the food! We love food, and what better time to to be thankful for food at theme parks than a time we can all be thankful together! This week our Thrill Weekly Poll asks, what is the Best Theme Park Food Destination, Period?

In the beginning days of theme park food, it was something as simple as a corn dog or funnel cake. Now the food has become almost as big an attraction as the rides and shows themselves. From gourmet burgers and pizzas, to odd combinations like bacon and chocolate, to even the sweet frothy goodness of Butterbeer, the parks have stepped up their games when it comes to delivering mouth watering, sweat inducing tasty goodness. The food loving fun has even spread to other areas around the park, such as the entertainment districts (i.e. Citywalk) and park hotels.

So which theme park is the best damn food destination? It’s all about taste and choice. It could be something such as the many different tastes from all over Europe of last year’s winner, Busch Gardens Europe. Or is it the Bacon chocolate funnel cake of Knotts Berry Farms? Is Walt Disney World with it’s never ending array and variety of restaurants bringing flavors from all over the world that’s the best? Or how about the Butterbeer, Emerils Bam(!) and many different flavors of Universal Orlando and Citywalk?

You decide!

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We’ve nominated our list based on several factors:

  • Food critics and reviews
  • Personal experiences
  • Reader opinions and trip reports through Facebook and Twitter
  • Other website opinions and reviews

Last year’s winner was Busch Gardens Williamsburg, which boasts all of the flavors of Europe. This year they added the “Beste Brezeln Und Bier” which boasts great flavored pretzels and locally brewed beer. Can they hang onto the title yet again? Vote and decide!

Remember that you can vote daily. Parks and fans are encouraged to spread the word on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media outlets. If the fans do not know, the fans can not vote!

Have fun, and Good Luck!