Freezin For a Reason-Polar Plunge returns to Aquatica


Aquatica is normally home to the soft warm sandy oasis that is Sea World’s waterpark. But imagine if you will, that sandy, warm oasis turned into a chilling, frozen wasteland. Okay, so not exactly a wasteland, but imagine the water being so cold that you wouldn’t want to dip a toe in it, let alone go for a swim.

All participants get free entry into Aquatica, and all money raised will go to help the Special Olympics of Florida. The Special Olympics is the world’s largest provider of fitness training, education and athletic competition – coupled with social, life, and leadership skill development opportunities – for children and adults with intellectual disabilities or a similar developmental disability.

In addition, those who raise different donation levels will receive different incentives:

For those who don’t wish to actually take the plunge, and would rather stay nice and toasty warm, you can still participate and take a “virtual plunge”. Teams of six can also plunge together, and dress up, make costumes and enjoy the fun.

In addition, we here at Behind the Thrills are planning to take the plunge! We would appreciate your support in helping us reach our goal. To help us, please visit THIS LINK and donate!


For more information, or to pledge to plunge yourself, please visit the official Polar Plunge website.