Gingerbread in “Grand” style at Walt Disney World


The Grand Floridian Hotel in the Walt Disney World Resort is one of the most luxurious and elegant hotels in all of Orlando. Christmas at the Grand Floridian is done just as elegant, and just as big. For several years, the Grand Floridian has built a huge gingerbread house so large that people can stand in it. This year was no exception as the mega detailed gingerbread house made it’s debut for the 13th year at the Grand Floridian.

The house is built from a wood frame foundation, and then the gingerbread is applied on top of it. It takes workers about a month to assemble everything. All of the decorations, such as Santa, are made of chocolate. In fact 700 lbs of chocolate are used to create not only the little details, but also the house itself.

Here’s the recipe list:

  • 1,50 lbs of honey
  • 140 pints of egg whites
  • 600 lbs of powdered sugar
  • 700 lbs of chocolate
  • 800 lbs of flour
  • 35lbs of spices
  • Tons of creativity
  • Disney Magic and Pixie Dust!
The house is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and features a mini bakery inside the house itself that you can purchase gingerbread made from the same recipe that the house is made from. You can also purchase other holiday treats as well.
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