Hollywood Drive in Mini Golf “We got cows!”


Universal Orlando’s epicly themed Hollywood Drive In Mini Golf keeps getting more and more interesting as construction progresses. The golf course is set to the theme of a drive-in theater. One side will feature the crazy B-grade horror films, while the other side will feature the campy sci-fi classics.

An amazing site for anyone who’s played any of the “Destroy All Humans” or “Earthworm Jim” video games. I have no idea what Universal’s plans are for that cow, but I’m pretty sure it involves being abducted by aliens, and most likely an anal probe! YAY!

On the horror side a strange purple thing has erupted right behind the giant three eyed snake worm. What on earth could this be for? We’re hoping for some giant pop out monstrosity.

Covered bridge…Sleepy Hollow?

It’s a ghost! Kind of. I hope this the start of something utterly amazing, and not just a Scooby-Doo style ghost.

More pics from the Drive-In:

This is shaping up to be one cool little golf course. It seems a lot of the fixtures are getting wired, so we could very well see a lot of moving parts and pop up fixtures. The Hollywood Drive-In Mini Golf is scheduled to open some time in 2012.
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