Animal Care Center set to open January 23 at Busch Gardens


Back in April we reported construction walls popping up near Rhino Ralley area, just as Cheetah Hunt’s construction was wrapping up and getting ready for the grand opening. Busch Gardens announced what would be going in at that location: an Animal Care Center, scheduled to open sometime this winter (below you can see original concept art).

This state-of-the-art medical facility will allow guests to get closer to than any other zoological facility has ever let guests be. Guests will have the opportunity to see some of Busch Gardens’ animals get routine check-ups, physicals, x-rays, and more. The facility will be interactive, offering different exercises and more where they can follow the animal from diagnostics to lab work, and more.

The facility is also equipped with audio and visual capabilities that will enable guests to talk to the vets while they are working. Zoo Educators will also be on hand during treatments and surgeries to assist with questions.

Busch Gardens announced via Facebook that the Animal Care Facility is set to open on January 23. Stay tuned for a sneak peek of the facility on January 12th.

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