Universal Orlando to announce more about Despicable Me Ride, Spiderman Enhancements and “new and exciting entertainment experiences”


Universal Orlando has announced they will be holding a special webcast for media on January 25th at 10:30am where they will announce more information and the time frame for the Despicable Me Ride and the enhancements to The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman.

Universal announced they would be replacing their Jimmy Neutron attraction with a Despicable Me attraction, plus they would be making enhancements to the Amazing Adventures of Spiderman back in May 2011.

We already know the Despicable Me attraction will take riders through Gru’s home, Gru’s laboratory, and transform the audience into Minions. At the end of the ride, guests will also be able to participate in an interactive dance party inspired by the Minions. As for Spiderman, Universal has said they will be implementing new “4K High Definition” digital 3D into the ride. Several scenes have already received an upgrade and the clarity is amazing!

Our invitation also states that we will learn about “new and exciting entertainment experiences that await guests of all ages in 2012“.

There are plenty of signs around Universal that  could point to what Universal might actually announce on the 25th.

  • Lagoon Show – Universal has been doing a lot of work in the lagoon area within Universal Studios. The inflatable globes for the 360 show have been removed and lots of new balloon-things and barges have appeared in the lagoon.
  • Parade – I’ve heard rumblings about a new Parade that will be taking place within the Studios. We’ve heard several rumors regarding the show “Death Drums” that made it’s debut last year during Halloween Horror Nights, that it could become more of a seasonal show. Could it possibly be part of the rumored parade we’ve heard about?
  • Hollywood Drive-In Mini Golf – Construction is progressing quite well with the new mini golf course going into Citywalk. It’s possible that Universal may also be announcing the opening time frame for this attraction as well.
  • Jaws Replacement – I doubt Universal will be announcing a replacement for the Jaws Ride just yet since the ride just closed a few weeks ago and it seems this announcement is referring specifically to 2012.

We will be tweeting live from the announcement, so stay tuned to us on Twitter @BehindThrills for up-to-the minute information. Be sure to check back later that afternoon for full details from the announcement.