A sneak preview of Iceploration at Busch Gardens; Iceploration opens February 2


Iceploration will take the stage tomorrow at Busch Gardens Tampa in the Moroccan Theater. The show is filled with world class skaters, aerial performances, mastery puppetry, and live animal stars. It features a young boy, Austin, who is surrounded by the world of technology. Austin goes to spend the weekend with his Grandfather, who loves nature and the outdoors. The two explore four different corners of the globe together, including: The Barrier Reef, The Serengeti, The Arctic, and The Amazon Rain Forest.

Check out this brief video overview with some of the best highlights


Iceploration officially opens tomorrow to the general public. As you walk through the park, you’ll find all kinds of advertising for the show, including on the side of the Moroccan theater and around it. The park also has a small gift station right outside of the theater decorated with a map on the side. It was not open, but I am guessing that you will be able to purchase Iceploration items, including the soundtrack.

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During our sneak peek at Iceploration, not only did we get to see the entire show, but we did get to take a look backstage. Behind the stage, props are lifted to the ceiling and pushed off to the side. Unlike other performances, due to limited space, Iceploration has to do scene shifting slightly different. Most shows remove the props that need to go off stage and then bring the new ones out. Iceploration brings the new props out and then pushes the other ones off stage. Here’s a few photos from behind the scenes:

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Upon entering the show, you can stop by and look at some of the photos and concept art of the show. The park displays photos from the creation of the show, plus original concept art for the costumes. It’s quite an interesting display.

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The show itself is a lot of fun, full of energy, and features several breath taking moments. I highly recommend everyone to see this show the next time they visit Busch Gardens. The set design, costumes, and score make it feel like you’re sitting in the audience of a Broadway performance. Busch Gardens did a wonderful job with the show!

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Fun Facts:

  • The stage is made of 4 tons of ice (about 10,000 gallons of water).
  • Iceploration utilizes 3D mapping to create the images on the screen.
  • The show features 4 different “Austin” characters and 2 “Grandpaw” characters, so you may see different actors.
  • Iceploration took three years to create. WOW!
  • The soundtrack for Iceploration will go on sale tomorrow.
  • The score for Iceploration is original and was written by John Baker.
  • The large elephant in the show is painted to give it texture. It almost looks real!
  • The fish and the eels in the Great Barrier Reef segment are actually a kind of balloon filled with helium
  • Guests will be able to meet and greet with some of the animal actors after the show.
  • Iceploration is expected to be at the park for at least two to three years.

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And here’s a fun, non-related Iceploration fact. According to Scott Swenson, creative director at the park, stated that the park had their first creative meeting this past week regarding Howl-o-Scream 2012. He also stated two things about the event: 1) It will be happening, 2) It will be scary.