Tornadoes strike the Midwest, Holiday World and Silver Dollar City not affected


Natural disasters have been at the front of people’s mind over the last couple years. Over the last several years, natural disasters have destroyed homes, lives, and more than that: theme park attractions. Theme parks are visited across the world by millions on an annual basis. They get us away from reality and put us in the “fun” mindset.

Tornadoes struck the northern part of the United States last night across several states in the Midwest, including: Missouri and Kansas. Some parts of Indiana were also affected by the storm. The line of storms is pushing it’s way east into Kentucky, Tennessee,  Arkansas, and is expected to bring heavy wind and downpours thought out the day.

Branson Missouri, a major tourist destination,  is reporting at least one death and several injuries. Many buildings including Dixie Stampede, Ride The Ducks, Walmart, Branson Mall, and others.

Silver Dollar City (Branson, Missouri) and Holiday World (Santa Claus, Indiana) are reporting no damage caused by the storms.

Ride The Ducks - Photo courtesy of

Two shelters have been set up in Branson and the Red Cross has created a website so people can let their friends and family know they are okay. If you know someone in Branson or another area affected by the tornadoes, check this website to see if your friends or family are okay if you are unable to reach them.