Why Erik loves theme parks


Happy Valentines Day everyone! While most people will tell you this is a day to celebrate love, I think it’s an even better day to tell you why I love theme parks. Theme parks are the reason we are gathered here today. If you didn’t love theme parks, you wouldn’t be here reading this diatribe. So, in the spirit of love, I thought I’d share with you, faithful readers, the reasons I love theme parks.
But first a confession.


I am a frequent reader of Ain’t it Cool News. It is my go to site for movie news. One of the writers, Quint, took this same idea and stole it from another website. Bad Ass Digests own Film Crit Hulk did this piece a few weeks before Quint stole it. And just like Quint this article really hit home. It was completely simple, a lot of fun to read, and straight forward. It wasn’t cynical in anyway, nor was it a review, bitch or gripe. It was a writer sharing his passion about the thing he passionately writes about.
So like Quint, I’m blatantly taking the idea and running with it, only instead of movies, I’m passionate about theme parks.
Quint goes on to say that he hopes this catches on like a chain letter, not in the annoying “do it or you’ll die” way, but the way that good feelings spread. So here I am, spreading the chain.

So, why do I love theme parks?

Because one of the most primordial forces on the planet is Bill Paxton

Because clowns are scary

Because flamingos look like sluts

Because one little spark of inspiration, is at the heart of all creation


Because my mom forced me to ride Haunted Mansion when I was too afraid to

Because Hermes will guide you

Because Keeper is a God

Because if word got out about this little “fish episode” that would be the end of Captain Jake’s

Because monsters have a picnic in a mansion

Because airtime is the best time

Because I think…I think this time its going to work

Because trolls will make you disappear (disappear! Disappear!)

Because Clyde and Seamore took Pirate Island

Because the Beast was so awesome it had a son

Because it only takes five minutes to walk from Mexico to China

Because interlocking loops are amazing

Because my daughter is a big brave chicken

Because my son was once a huge fan of Spiderman

Because your aim is worse than your haircut doc

Because there’s room for one more

Because Tim Curry is S.I.R.

Because I was a zombie


Because walking on the bottom has never been so much fun

Because thar be squalls ahead

Because the first date with my wife was to Busch Gardens Tampa

Because giraffes have long tongues

Because a monkey threw poop into a crowd after crapping into his hand

Because my wife loves penguins

Because I’ve met so many amazing people

Because I’ve ridden over 100 coasters

Because sometimes all it takes is just little bit of pixie dust

And because of all the other amazing things in the industry that aren’t coming to me right now, or that I haven’t experienced yet. But I will.

There are literally thousands of reasons I love theme parks, but the biggest one is right here. I love writing about the things I love. I hope you love reading about them as much as I love writing. Hope you all have a happy Valentine’s Day, and I hope you keep the chain going. After all, we all have a favorite theme park.

What do you love about theme parks? Let us know in the comments below!

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