Busch Gardens Williamsburg reveals Verbolten’s trains


Verbolten’s trains have been a pretty big mystery, even during the construction tour we took just a few weeks ago. We knew the trains have their own on-board video system, the ride will feature five trains with their own unique color, but what would they look like? Today we get our answer as Busch Gardens Williamsburg revealed the Verbolten trains.

In the video below, you can listen to Brian Marrow, creative director for Seaworld Parks and Entertainment, talk about some of the features on Verbolten’s trains.


Each train is a different color. The ride features five different trains in the colors of Orange, Green, Red, Yellow, and Blue (not seen in video).

“It’s the small details like real rubber wheels, side mirrors and race-inspired pin striping that makes all the difference in a ride of this caliber,” said Larry Giles, Busch Gardens’ vice president of design and engineering. “This is just one more element that will make Verbolten like no other coaster,” added Giles.

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Verbolten’s trains are a very unique part of the ride. Besides each train being a different color, each car is uniquely designed with classic German racing lines. Each vehicle also has a custom license plate, including the Orange car with a tribute to the Big Bad Wolf, plus other small details like mirrors and tires. Verbolten will also feature lap bars over the traditional over-the-shoulder restraints to give guests the true lateral and horizontal g-forces.

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