Christmas Town coming to Busch Gardens Tampa


Christmas is the most wonderful time if the year. There’s a certain magic about it that seems to come alive. Theme parks have taken Christmas and made that special tome even more magical. Busch Gardens Tampa looks to bring that magic to Florida this year.



Busch Gardens is bringing a night time Christmas extravaganza to their Tampa park. Christmas Town will be an all new event running from November 30th until December 23rd.


“When Christmas Town opens in November, it will be the beginning of a unique holiday tradition for Tampa Bay area,” says Jim Dean, Busch Gardens Tampa’s park president. “We are creating a season-long celebration for family and friends unlike any other event our guests have ever seen – the kind of Christmas fun only Busch Gardens can provide.”

This is the first time in the parks 53 yer history that the park has celebrated Christmas in such a huge way. Christmas Town will be a separate event, meaning that it is not included in regular admission. Tickets will get guests into a separate winter wonderland that will feature special treats, all new shows, characters and more that you won’t get during the day.
The event is already done at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, and is a local favorite. The event in Virginia features special holiday shows that have a variety of themes including religion and Santa Claus. They also take attractions and features and cover them with lights. One attraction takes a water flume ride and creates a waterfall effect.
While no attractions have been confirmed, we can assume that the attractions will be similar.
It will be offered Friday-Sunday nights.
For more information visit the official BGT website!