Kids “sneaking” into Transformers ride at Universal Hollywood provides an inside look


We received an email today from someone who says they have read some stuff about Transformers on our site and thought we might “dig” this video. Oddly enough, the video was sent from a guy named “Mark Stevens”, and he specifically requested we mention his name if we posted this video.

I normally wouldn’t run something like this for the sheer fact that it can promote the idea that “sneaking” backstage of a theme park and into an active construction site is a good idea. However, I have done a little bit of research and put some thought into this before I posted it. Some kids on YouTube filmed themselves “sneaking” backstage at Universal Hollywood to get themselves a good look at “Transformers the Ride”, which is slated to open in May 2012.

After watching the video several times, I find several issues with the video and believe this is not a legit video, it’s a viral marketing scheme Universal Hollywood has plotted themselves. I have googled a few things and found that other website are also posting that they received an email from the same person with the same link.


Notice anything peculilar?

At the end of the video, these “kids” post a copyright notice regarding Universal. In my research, I found something that might connect this “Mark Stevens” to Transformers. It’s a very loose connection, so bear with me. Steven Spielburg, producer of the Transformer movies, worked with Mark Burnett in 2007 as co-producer of a reality TV show about filmmaking known as “On The Lot”. Spielburg and Burnett worked together on several projects, but Speilburg was never given credit for “Diablo Cody”. Ready? Mark Burnett and Steven Spielburg.

If this video does happen to be the real deal, I hope this video doesn’t convey the idea to anyone that sneaking back stage into a theme park for any reason is a good idea, whether it’s a construction zone or not!

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