Manta at SeaWorld San Diego completes track construction


Manta at SeaWorld San Diego is one of the most anticipated new attractions of 2012. Yesterday the coaster reached a major milestone when the final piece of track was installed. The coaster will not only feature a thrilling launch but will also take guests through amazing sting ray habitats.



The coaster has been under construction for over a year, and is scheduled to open Memorial Day weekend. The next step will be to install glass for the aquariums, and screens that will give riders glimpses of huge Manta Rays before launching into flight.
The track stretches 2,835 feet through twists turns and tunnels. It was built by Mack Rides and will be the first Mack launch coaster in the United States.
For non riders the exhibit will feature an area where guests cam get close to the rays and actually feed and pet the animals. Over 500 different fish will populate the aquariums and will range from bat rays, guitar fish and species local to California waters.
For more information, visit the official SeaWorld San Diego website!