Morey’s Piers hosts leadership training


Morey’s Piers will host new and returning supervisors and managers on March 10 and 11. The”ROTC”, Ride Operator Trainer Certification, will be held at Morey’s Piers training facilities and through out the pier. The program teaches critical components of safe ride operation. Morey’s Piers currently has six certified ROTC instructors on hand to teach this weekend.

According to Fazio, “The program is extremely comprehensive and covers inspections, documentation standards, audits, employee training and recognition as well as the top ten critical components of safe ride operation. These components include professionalism, engagement, restraints, access control, safety zones, pre-dispatch safety checks, vigilance, guest screening, loading and unloading. For each component, those in attendance will learn the proper standard of performance and how to provide exceptional instruction to front line staff to ensure the highest level of engagement and retention.”

Morey’s Piers will host a second ROTC training session in early June. The sessions will educate nearly 50 supervisors from all over the country. In order to pass the training program and become certified, participants must pass a written test and and “teach-back activity”. Trainers and supervisors are also required to attend “hard skills” training in late May.

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