Theme Park 360: Hollywood Drive In Mini Golf


I love taking photos in theme parks and I also love finding new and interesting apps on my Android-based phone. I recently discovered an app that allows me to take beautiful panoramic shots. I have so much fun with these panoramic shots that I would like to share them with you at least once a month. If I’m able to frequent the parks several times in a month, I will surely share as many panoramas with you as I can!

Remember Hollywood Drive In before it opened? This panorama is a little old, but it’s the first one I ever took with a halfway decent Android app that actually stitches images very well. I have become quite fond of this photo, actually. It not only shows the top of the golf course, but it gives you a pretty good look at the entrance to Citywalk in the middle of the afternoon from high up.

I want to take more panoramas to share with you! Tell me in the comments below what you want to see (excluding Disney) and I’ll see what I can capture!