Thrill Daily News 3-22-12


Just when you think it’s gone forever, here we are to flare up another edition of the news…like herpes! If you have herpes, I’m sorry…but you have to admit…it’s annoying. We have been so busy doing a ton of stuff, so like normal, the news gets pushed to the wayside. That and I’m pretty much A.D.D….oh look a pickle on the floor. MMMM Floor pickles. I like pickles, they taste amazing, especially when they’re on a stick. Hey, Holiday World has pickle on a stick! Where was I? Oh yeah, so who’s going to see the Hunger Games? Did you know that they already made this movie over ten years ago, and it was excellent! Only it wasn’t called the Hunger Games, it was called “Battle Royale”.
My theme park news can’t concentrate and it’s taking two hours to get a word in edgewise!

The newest resort, the Art of Animation Resort, is currently scheduled to open phase one on May 31st. But the rest of the hotel is going to be open earlier than expected. The entire hotel is expected to be fully open by September 15th, which is ahead of the “End of the Year” date given before. You can start booking as early as March 23rd, and knowing the Disney freaks like I do…rooms will fill fast. Full Story

One of the things that a lot of people overlook when walking through the parks is the soundtrack. You’d miss it if it wasn’t there, but it may not be something you really notice right away. Disney just released a behind the scenes look at what’s going in to bringing the music to life in the all new Carsland at Disneyland

Epcot turns 30 this year! Jesus, am I that old? I remember when it opened, and remember when many of the attractions were brand new. Ah, good times. Disney Parks Blog has a look at some of the merchandise for the 30th anniversary of Epcot. Mostly pins, as you’d expect…but they do have some neat retro items as well.Full story

Can’t wait to get a look at the all new Carsland at Disney’s California Adventure? Check out this POV of the new attraction

We get a really good look at the all new Transformers 3D at Universal Hollywood

JAWS is dead and gone, but the old shark still has gas! Crews were called in today to deal with a gas leak at the former attraction. Tells me that not only is the old gas line still there, but Universal has plans to use it elsewhere in the area. Perhaps in the Gringotts ride? Full story

MIB3 hits theaters May 25th, but that’s not soon enough for the theme song from the movie. Unlike the first two films, this one will not be by Will Smith, but by Universal Orlando regular Pitbull, Mr. 305 himself. The song is called “Back in Time” and will be released March 26th…but you know us, we have a special early preview of it!Check out the video below
Wait…how’d that get there? Check back on the 26th for the official song, you know we’ll have it.

Six Flags has confirmed that they will be running Mr. Freeze in St. Louis and Texas Backwards…and they’re calling it, Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast. Yeah, not the most original name, but who doesn’t love the chance to ride their favorite coaster backwards? Full story

SeaWorld Entertainment is going to venture into the Television realm and release weekly shows called “Sea Rescue”. It will showcase SeaWorld’s rescue efforts as they race against time to save injured and threatened marine life. Full story

The Beach Waterpark right across the street from Kings Island has closed. If you were a season pass holder, you’re not going to get your money back. Instead you’ll get huge discounts at other local retailers, and even some free stuff. Sounds like they’re trying to avoid lawsuits, but what do you want to bet we’ll still some? More details

Alton Towers is back in the business of getting people excited about their new coaster. It’s actually gotten a rating by the British Film Board of 12A…that’s the equivalent of PG-13 here. Of course it’s all a stunt, but it’s got people so freaked out that the doors will be beaten down come opening day. Full story

The creators of Angry Birds wants to become like Disney. They’re branching out from games, to merchandise, movies and even theme parks. They also want to fight obesity. They feel that childhood obesity is a huge problem, and hopes to do things to help kids get off the couch and exercise…you know…like releasing another really addictive video game. More details