Thrill Daily News 3-28-12


Behind the Thrills is a theme park site. We write about theme parky things…duh, right? But I love to every once in a while go “offsite” and write about stuff that doesn’t have anything to do with theme parks. Keeps me from getting burned out honestly. But where do you draw the line? Would it be acceptable then for a theme park enthusiast site to write a detailed review and heavily critique a new Taco from Taco Bell? I mean, it’s a taco…at Taco Bell. It really has no bearing on the theme park world whatsoever…not even remotely. And writing how you’d like to have your favorite theme park sell this item doesn’t count. I’m not calling out anyone’s integrity as a writer or anything, I just feel that if you feel the need to go on for pages about a fast food taco, then maybe it might be time to put the tacos down and go for a walk. Then again, Racheal does go on obsessively about Del Taco…which we stop and eat every time we go to Orlando. And there was that one time when I was going to chronicle Del Taco and do a video about the big ass burrito challenge they had. Yeah, I’ll be right back…I’m going to take a jog around the block.

My theme park news jiggles when it runs!


Shanghai Disneyland is now hiring! The park is quite a few years off, and they are already hiring for high end jobs, including engineers (shouldn’t that be Imagineers?) construction management and more. These all sound like very specialized job skill areas, but does mean that the park is moving forward quickly. More details

Phineas and Ferb are a big deal. I like the show, think it harkens back to the days of fun shows like Doug and Hey know…Nickelodeon shows. But Disney is riding the dynamic duo and their pet platypus Perry all the way to the park. There will be a new adventure game in Epcot this summer, but first you can grab Phineas and Ferb gift cards that also double as souvenirs. More details

The Disney Fantasy is making it’s final practice run before officially setting sail this week. Press got a sneak peek (no not us) over the weekend, and the ship is expected to sell out for months to come. Full story


How do you top the state of the art new attractions? By going back to your roots. Ocean Park in the Philippines has done just that with “Old Hong Kong”. It’s based on old architecture and styles of the “Golden Age” of Hong Kong. It features rickshaw rides, old markets and tons of unique food items like chicken pies and egg barbecue pork puffs. Full story

There have been some odd transitions from movie to theme park ride. After all, who would have thought JAWS would make a good ride. PowerPark in Finland is building an all new flume ride that will based on the Alec Guinness film, Bridge on the River Kwai. Yes, the film all about soldiers fighting, and blowing up a big ass bridge. A flume ride….god I can’t wait to see this one in action. More details

Thursday Legoland California will unveil the all new expansion to Star Wars Miniland and an all new Star Wars Gallery. This will kick off Star Wars Days which runs until April 1st. The event will include a chance to build an 8 foot tall Yoda replica as well as a mystery build. Many more events are planned for the weekend as well. Full story

The next theme park destination could be 90 miles off the coast of Florida. Cuba announced that they have plans to build new golf courses and theme parks. The area has recently had travel restrictions eased, but it’s still a long way off from being a vacation destination for just anyone. Full story

Were you one of the many corrupted youth that found out what a MILF was? Do you long for a reunion of filthy comedy…well, you’re in luck. Red band trailer for American Reunion

It’s never too early for a little monster mayhem. Hotel Trannsylvania offers a little fun…even if it is Adam Sandler

Ride of the Day
The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman recently received a huge upgrade. However, it’s not the only Spiderman 3D ride in existence. Would you believe that there is one in Canada that lets you web enemies with a gun shaped like Spiderman’s hand? It is horribly cheesey, and is your ride of the day