Busch Gardens Williamsburg “Entwines” guests with new show about fairy tales


Busch Gardens Williamsburg has opened for the season, and besides the obvious change to the coaster landscape, one major change has happened. The show in Das Festhaus, the one that was with the park since it’s opening, is gone. In it’s place is the all new, fairy tale inspired Entwined. Not only has Entwined changed entertainment in the Festhaus, but it has completely engulfed the Festhaus and turned things into a whole new atmosphere.


Entwined tells the familiar tales we all grew up with. Once upon a time, in a far off land, surrounded by princesses and princes. There was once three little bears that lived with a little red riding hood, and of course the evil queen who wanted to turn them all into gumdrops on her gingerbread man that dreamed of being a real boy.


Okay, so that’s not exactly how the story goes, but it does take all of your favorite fairy tales and mash them together.


Entwined features all new songs, and mixes acrobats, dancing and singing. One unique feature of the show is that it is completely done in house. All songs, music, etc. was done by Busch Gardens Entertainment. All of the costumes were also designed and made in house at Busch Gardens.


One major feature of the old Festhaus show was that it was featured on a square stage right in the middle of the Festhaus. The stage is still in the middle, and still square. Now it’s just a lot bigger! Little guests can also pull up a toadstool and get an up close look at the show.


The show is suitable for all ages, though really little kids might find some parts a little scary. There is a big evil queen after all. But there is enough  fun and whimsy to keep kids of all ages entertained.

If you were wondering about the good food in Das Festhaus, no worries. The Food is the same, with a few new additions.

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