Stingrays dive deep into their new home, Ke-Re Reef, at Aquatica San Antoino


Stingray Falls, one of the main attractions at the park was filled with water a few weeks ago. One of the most notable elements about Stingray Falls is that it takes riders through an underwater grotto where Rays and other tropical fish will swim above your head. The ride will carry riders at a slow pace, allowing everyone to take in a breathtaking view.

Today marked a very exciting day in the history of Aquatica San Antonio! For the first time ever, Stingrays were added to the Ke-Re Reef. A total of seven rays, including five cow-nose rays and two southern stingrays, were released into their new home today, but the reef will hold approximately 150 rays total, plus other tropical fish and lobsters.

As you are riding Stingray Falls, imagine floating through a tunnel with hundreds of beautiful and majestic rays swimming over your head. This will give you a general idea of what it will look like.

Aquatica San Antonio opens on May19th. Are you an annual pass holder to Aquatica? You have the chance to preview the park before it opens to the general public. For more information about Aquatica San Antonio, visit