Thrill Daily 4-10-12


The Summer movie season is fast approaching, and with it will be a deluge of really awesome flicks that I want to watch. There will also be a deluge of flicks that studios want me to watch that will suck ass. So how do we get around those? Well, you can listen to the millions of online movie critics. OR…you can just watch something and enjoy the ride. Too many critics, too many people pull things apart for no other reason than they feel a film (or theme park ride) is beneath them. What they fail to realize is that people are different and like different things. So therefore, parks like Kings Dominion and Six Flags over Georgia not only have thousands of people visit them every year, but thousands of fans. I can tell you all the reasons I dislike those two parks, but at the end of the day, you’re going to go because of your reasons. Same thing with movies. I loved Hugo…so did film critics. A lot of audiences just didn’t and there’s nothing wrong with that. You like what you like. You don’t like what you think is crap. Live with it.

My theme park news likes your pants……take them off.


An all new featurette gives a look at Merida from the all new Pixar film Brave. I’m curious about the film, it doesn’t look like a Pixar film, but a classic Disney animated film.


So the biggest reviews that we’ve heard so far from the newest member of the Disney Cruise Line, The Fantasy, have all come from media and fansites who got to sail on the ship free of charge, with all expenses paid. Did you expect to get any negativity in a review? Even a little? See what those who have sailed, actual guests have said about the ship…of course this video was put together by Disney…so don’t expect to get an honest to goodness review here either.


Disney honored special elementary,middle and high school kids who have stood up and have done something great by giving back to their schools


Tom Hanks has signed on to play Walt Disney himself in the movie “Saving Mr. Banks” along side Emma Thompson. Thompson will play Mary Poppins Author and will tell the story of how Walt tried to bring Mary Poppins to the screen. Of course the story is famous how the author fought Disney every step of the way, and even hated the film upon it’s release. Of course when it won Oscars, that changed, but it’s funny to see how hard someone fought against bringing what is one of the most iconic films of all times. The story here, says Hanks is in talks…but he has signed and the film should begin production soon. Full story

Disney has entered into an agreement with the Chinese Government to bring animation to China in the form of TV shows, web series and films. The company will help find talent in China. Full Story


Universal Hollywood is using Transformers to sell you cheap passes. From now until April 29th, you can purchase a pass for $77.99, which includes blackout dates. For $149.99 you can purchase a pass with no blackout dates and free parking. Wow.Visit the official website to get yours today

London Dungeon is rumored to be moved from it’s current location. The new location will put it in the same area as the London Eye, and will move most of the old attractions. While some of the more popular attractions are definitely going, it’s not sure which attractions will not. There’s also rumor of new attractions. Check the full story

One of the smaller, but cooler haunts, the haunted Appalachian Caverns has released info regarding the storyline for their haunt this year. The event will be called Insanity and tells the tale of a Doctor who goes…insane. The Caverns uses the actual caves to build their haunts and provides a creepy as hell backdrop. It’s only April, but it’s never too early to start talking haunt season. You can find more information via their Facebook page

Ride of the Day

When it comes to inverted coasters, you can’t really beat B&M coasters. Their inverts are some of the most inventive, most fun coasters in the world. In the Orlando area we have three with Montu, and Dueling Dragons (I DON’T CARE IF YOU CALL IT CHALLENGE!). They all use a great layout and depending on the park, some great elements. This is why Oziris at Parc Asterix is your ride of the day