Thrill Daily News 4-18-12


I was born in Florida, and like many of my relatives, I was expected to be a fisherman. My family loves to fish, loves to be on the water catching and killing something. So as luck would have it, I hate it. I love the ocean, love the beach, love to surf, but leave them poor little fishies in the water. I guess that’s why I love SeaWorld so much. Well, I’ve found a game that allows to do the type of fishing I like. It’s called Aqua Pets, it’s available for your smartphone and you can catch all kinds of unworldly creatures. I just caught a Werewolf fish, Mummy fish, spooky candle turtle and brain fish. Who wouldn’t want to catch that?

My theme park news has caught a cold…what kind of bait did it use?




In 1971 there was an “Orange Bird” at Walt Disney World. It was so popular that it had it’s own merchandise, drinks and song. In order to cash in on your nostalgic feelings, Disney has brought orange bird back. You can buy orange drinks, ice cream and merchandise with this freaky little bird on it. Full story


Check out this video of the all new Beuna Vista Street as it’s prepared for opening.




What do you think of when you think Six Flags. Just what I was thinking, pimples! Yeah…so Clearasil has teamed up with Six Flags to be the official sponsor of the park. Great, what can we expect…the Great American Zit Killing Machine? It’s huge for Six Flags, but really seems like a way to cheapen itself a little more. Full Story


Unbelievable story, a section of Go-Kart Track has broken and fallen sending an 11 year old girl to the hospital. The accident happened at the Magical Midway on I-Drive. Two karts were involved in the accident. Bad news for the attraction, last year a worker died while working on the Star Flyer. Full story


Bluegrass Boardwalk is finalizing deals to get the former Kentucky Kingdom open and operational again. The park says they have the financing needed, but last word was that they were waiting on economic incentive packages from the Kentucky Fair board. Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into a case of the state being a little too tight. It would be a shame to see that park sit empty. Full story