Thrill Daily News 4-19-12


How many licks does it take you to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? I usually last about 3 minutes before I chomp down on the delicious candy outer shell. I really don’t know anyone who can go that long. It’s like premature emaciation…you’re supposed to suck this thing down to the very chewy middle, but it’s so great that you lose control almost immediately and finish way too soon. Regardless, Easter means candy at a severely discounted rate and we’ve been stocked fully with Tootsie Pops…I only wish I could control my candy chomping urges and resist all the way down to the chocolate tootsie roll middle. But why? It’s all about the candy, so why wait? Hell with it! CHOMP AWAY!


My theme park news is disturbed by your lack of patience.



Okay, so this isn’t Disney news at all, but a long time staple on ABC’s (Disney owned TV station) New Years Rockin Eve, Dick Clark has passed away. He was 82 years old, and had been a staple on Television for decades. From American Bandstand, to the $25,000 dollar Pyramid and even TV’s Bloopers and Practical Jokes, Dick Clark was always a smiling face beaming at us from across the world. He died of a heart attack, he was 82. So long


A few weeks back Disney announced a Facebook game that would let players have adventures in the Animal Kingdom. It was called… Animal Kingdom Explorers. Now Disney has partnered with the Jane Goodall Institute to help Chimpanzees. Disney will donate  20 cents to the institute for every install and tutorial of the game. They hope to raise $250,000 and you can help. Also if you jump over to the Disney Parks Blog you can get exclusive content. Click here


In an interview, the CEO of Euro Disney talks about some projects coming down the pipeline for Disneyland Paris. One of such is an all new waterpark to open in 2015. Also there are talks of a Toy Story ride (most likely Toy Story Mania) and an upgrade to Star Tours 2. Also there are talks for a new park by 2035. A third Disney Paris park…I didn’t know they had two! Full story




If you are in the Orlando area, over 18 and available Saturday April 21st, you are needed. One of our good friends from Chainsawwolf is in need of extras for his zombie film. Make up will provided. The only thing you have to do is to where clothes with no logos, and something you don’t mind getting blood on. You also need to be a good listener, and behave zombie like. If you want to attend, or if you have questions, check this listing for more information.


That man is Anthony Hopkins. He is playing Alfred Hitchcock in an upcoming film about the making of Psycho. Apparently there was a lot of commotion behind that film, it looks to be quite the undertaking. Full Story


A new Night of the Living Dead film will hit theaters soon. Only this time it will be completely CGI and in 3D. The film will be called Night of the Living Dead:Origins. It will star Danielle Harris, Tom Sizemore and the Candyman himself-Tony Todd. Full story



There is a “theme park” in China called “Dwarf Empire”. The park has several hundred little people live at the park in mushroom shaped houses and they all perform. We’ve talked about this before, but there is finally pictures and a trip report. The biggest controversy with the park is that many think it’s exploiting the little people. However, the article is quick to point out that the people at Dwarf Empire are paid more than graduates from the local University. Full story

Qatar wants you to lend them your ears. Okay, so bad reference. They want to build an Ancient Roman theme park, complete with gladiator fights. I’m all for releasing the lions on the Christians myself….I think it would be good wholesome entertainment! Full story

Kennywood recently made headlines as they are proposing serving beer at the park. Maybe they’ll rethink it now that they’ve won “Favorite Traditional Amusement Park” from NAPHA. The park was named once again with the title. I’d like to show you the full list, but NAPHA never releases a list…they kind of just let you know. Full story

Goodwill will partner with Universal Studios Hollywood in a world record attempt. On Saturday April 21st and Sunday April 22nd the two will join forces and try to get the most usable goods in a 24 hour period. The aim is to raise awareness of the impact that usable goods has on the planet. There will be a concert, and giveaways as well. Full Story

With the Dark Knight returning to theaters this Summer, it’s time another cartoon version of him came out. This time it’s an all CGI version of Batman called…Beware the Batman


A year ago Kasi and Mtani, the Cheetah Cub and the puppy both sharing a bond of not having a family were introduced and brought together at Busch Gardens Tampa. The park takes a look at that relationship and what went into making it happen