Thrill Daily News 4-9-12


Kids, as a parent, there’s many things that we tell you…especially when it comes to school and life. We’re not telling you these things just to hear ourselves talk (though, I do love the sound of my own voice) but we are trying to teach you. As you get older the learning never stops…usually you are learning from mistakes you’ve made. So when we tell you that this is for your own good…honestly, it is. We’re trying to save you from a lifetime of crappy jobs, failed relationships and heartache. Though, many parents have been trying to tell their kids this stuff for centuries…and kids don’t seem to listen. Look, you’re going to make mistakes, and do things wrong. It’s all part of learning and living….but we’re hoping that you don’t make the same mistakes we’ve made. We want you to have your own all new screw ups and mistakes. So next time your dad tells you to study in the kitchen instead of laying down on your bed in your room…it might be because he failed History doing the same thing you did. Just sayin.

My theme park news has been around the block…and the block is laughing at your pants.


Want to get a very detailed look at some of the goodness coming to Carsland? Check out this new video from Disney Parks showcasing the Blue Sky Cellar with Concept art and models from the soon to open Carsland.

Get a look at some of the amazing choices coming to the all new Art of Animation resort. There are plenty of healthy choices such as multigrain waffles, Gelato, and Chocolate Chip Pancakes. Full story

Disney has released the date for their new film Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie. The movie will premiere March 14th 2014. It will tell the story of the monstrous villain from Sleeping Beauty. Full story

US Airways is giving away one million dividend miles and a Disney VIP Vacation for four. Customers will be automatically entered when they book their Walt Disney World Vacation through the US Airways website. If you didn’t have plans on booking a flight, you can enter without purchase once a day via the official website. More details


SeaWorld is branching out more and more. They released their first feature film last year, which is now on DVD. Last week they aired the first SeaWorld TV show and in the coming year they will put their mark on everything from Barbies to school backpacks. It’s just a small part of the merchandise coming to the park in the few months.
Full story

Transformers will open at Universal Hollywood on May 25th. Passholders will get an early peak, however, as the park will open the attraction for Annual Passholders on May 4th.


For all you Universal Orlando passholders, if you want to have a chance to get smaller crowds, now’s your chance. From now until April 30th, Universal Orlando will be opening the Wizarding World of Harry Potter just for you…and hotel guests…an hour early. Passholders will be able to gain access to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter an hour before the park opens to regular guests. It can be a great time to get breakfast, check out wands, and grab a Butterbeer.

The worlds second zipline roller coaster opened last week outside Orlando. Now Las Vegas is pushing to something a little…more. Imagine travelling from point to point by zipline. That’s the plan, as developers want to push for a zipline from the top of the MGM Luxor to Excalibur. We could see mass transit take on a whole new life, if there was a way to get back to the top of the Luxor easily.Full Story

If nothing else, Thorpe park really knows how to amp up the talk about it’s newest coasters. The park is teaming up with Virgin Atlantic to offer a course to help would be riders overcome their fear of coasters. The idea isn’t new, as Virgin has a similar program for it’s airline. The “Fear of Flying” course has a 98% success rate. Personally, the coaster seems rather tame by today’s standards…but it might help riders conquer fears of other coasters as well. Full story

Ride of the Day

Let’s see what all the hubbub is about with this crazy coaster that is supposedly so intense that fighter pilots can’t handle it.