Busch Gardens to offer tours inside the Black Forest with the Verbolten Insider Tour


Busch Gardens is getting ready to offer a brand new roller coaster tour for roller coaster enthusiasts on top of the tours the park already offers. Busch Gardens Williamsburg already offers a Roller Coaster Insider Tour, where guests are given the option to be an “observer” or a “participant”. The tour is fun and educational, but it does not offer an inside look at the park’s newest roller coaster, Verbolten.

The park is almost ready to roll out their brand new Verbolten Insider Tour, which allows those who book the tour to get an up-close view of Verbolten. The tour features exclusive access to the inside of the Black Forest (the special effects building)*, unique photo opportunites at the second launch and underneath the “wrong way” bridge, a visit to the ride control booth, and priority access for a one-time ride on Verbolten.

We were able to get an early sneak peek at parts of the Verbolten Insider Tour last week, however, photos inside the special effects building are prohibited, so we don’t have any photos of the inside of the effect building to share with you. However, it was amazing to be inside the building to see the effects working. This tour is a must if you enjoy Verbolten or coasters in general. You can view our photos below from the second launch area and of the “wrong way” bridge.

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157629957768114″]

Pricing is as follows:

  • Regular Admission: $29.99
  • Pass Holders: $26.99
  • Platinum Pass Holders: $24.99
  • Employees: $20.99

The Verbolten Insider Tour is not yet available, however it will be soon! Stay tuned for more information when the tour becomes officially available for purchase. *Please note photos and videos inside the Black Forest are strictly prohibited during this tour.

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