Insane Coaster Wars-SeaWorld coasters top the lists


SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment have an impressive line up of great coasters. They range from the mild fun of the Grover Coasters at the Busch Gardens parks, to the extreme thrills of Sheikra, Griffon and Manta. As part of their new show “Insane Coaster Wars” the Travel Channel wants to know which is your favorites. The Travel Channel has been busy filming their new show, highlighting these extreme scream machines.

The Travel Channel has broken the voting down into different categories. Each category will be a different episode of Insane Coaster Wars. So far there are four visible categories:


  • G-Force Giants-These coasters will put your body to the test, battling gravity at every twist and turn. After a ride this extreme, you’ll have to be peeled off of your seat.
  • Hang Em High-Your feet hanging in the open air on this action-packed adrenaline rush, these coasters give you the incredible sensation of flying as you zig-zag through the sky at unbelievable speeds. You’ll be thankful when your feet are back on the ground.
  • Splintering Speedsters-These wooden wonders are some of the most popular coasters in the country. With rattling bolts and flexing planks, you’ll be relieved just knowing you survived the ride.
  • Wrong Way Up-Sky-high loops and endless inversions will send you on a breathtaking, head-over-heels adventure. These rides spend the most time upside down. By the end, you’ll be asking,”Which way is up?”



Out of the four categories in which nominees are already announced, SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment parks have coasters nominated in three of the four categories. In one category-Hang Em High-The park chain has three of the four nominees.

Voting continues for new categories each week, with the results being aired in different episodes starting July 8th.

So far the SeaWorld Parks coasters nominated are:

  • Sheikra-Busch Gardens Tampa
  • Apollo’s Chariot-Busch Gardens Williamsburg
  • Manta-SeaWorld Orlando
  • Montu-Busch Gardens Tampa
  • Alpengeist-Busch Gardens Williamsburg
  • Kraken-SeaWorld Orlando

Personally, of all the coasters in that list my choice has to be either Manta at SeaWorld Orlando or Apollo’s Chariot. Both are great B&M coasters and both still pack the same punch they did on opening day.

You can vote for your favorite coasters by heading over to the Travel Channel.


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