Mido Dino to hit theaters and theme parks


It’s not an uncommon occurrence when theme parks take properties and turn them into rides. Disney built several theme parks on that basis. It’s also not uncommon practice for a theme park to turn a ride into a movie. However, China’s Dinosaur World is doing something that is somewhat unheard of. LA based Super 78, and Season Pass Podcast presenter Brent Young are bringing the two together at the same time.

In late 2013 Mido Dino will make it’s debut on screens in the China and United States. At the same time they will be developing a concept for one of China’s most popular theme parks China Dinosaur Land. Mido Dino is unique for both as it’s an untested brand for both film and theme parks.

“Working with Super 78 we’re confident we can establish Mido Dino as a well-known, international brand,” said Horus Tsai, creative producer, Changzhou Dinosaur Land.

Tsai said that in addition to the film and theme park attraction, his organization is also looking to extend the Mido Dino franchise through the creation of a TV series as well as pursue mobile game platforms, stage performances, and other potential branded products.

“We’ve enjoyed our partnership with China Dinosaur Land and admire the innovative strategy they’re using to optimize their creative investment by simultaneously developing a film and attraction,” said Brent Young, chief creative officer for Super 78.

In addition to a film and theme park attraction, development of a Mido Dino interactive game and children’s book are also in the works.

In addition to work on numerous films, and the Season Pass Podcast, Brent and company at Super 78 Studios has done work on several theme park attractions, including Curse of Darkastle at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

Mido Dino (which will probably have a different name in the U.S.) tells the story of a magical world where dinosaurs and humans live together. Incidentally, the following year Pixar plans to release “The Good Dinosaur” about a world where dinosaurs are not extinct in which dinosaurs and humans live together.

For more information about Super 78 Studios, and this project, visit the official website.