Thrill Daily News 5-2-12


Oh May. If April showers bring May Flowers, what do Mayflowers bring? If you answered Pilgrims you’re just as silly as I am, and in need of some urgent detoxification. So here we are at the beginning of May, and here we are planning trips, making plans, and being overall ready for work and school to end. This, however isn’t your normal beginning of the news random rant. I have a purpose today. Behind the Thrills (on Twitter @behindthrills) has been named one of the 13 Central Florida Twitter Accounts you should follow by Orlando Biz Journal. We join such great twitter feeds as Inside the Magic, Attractions Magazine and Jim Hill Media. I’d personally like to take this space on the internet to thank everyone who follows and reads us. Honestly, if weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be on that list. I’d also like to thank all of our writers, friends and reporters who help out on the site. Joey, Greg, Dan Hower, Kyle, Keeper and of course the ever amazing LC Hill. Without those guys being ultimate theme park nerds and out at the parks kicking pics and taking names…errr….without them we couldn’t cover what we do. And we always need more. So again, thank you all.

My theme park news has tears in it’s eyes….you ole softy.


The Chronicles of Narnia seems to have ended at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The soundstage that use to hold their walkthrough attraction is now closed. Replacing it this fall will be the Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow. It too will be a walkthrough attraction, but the park promises this will not be a behind the scenes, or a making of…this will actually make you walk the footsteps of the rowdy Pirate Captain. As long as there’s rum…..Full story

Tickets for all sorts of fall events have already gone on sale, and Spring hasn’t even sprung yet. Earlier today we told you that Not So Scary and Very Merry tickets are now on sale. Now, we’ve learned that Night of Joy, the Christian Music fest tickets are now on sale. Full details

If you were a fan of ElecTRONica, especially at the old style video games, and are kind of bummed that Mad T Party is taking over, never fear. The new party will have it’s own arcade style games. They will have a series of Alice in Wonderland games including One Lump or Two? and Bandersnatch Ball. Full story

Tutto Italia has reopened at EPCOT, and next door so has Tutto Gusto the all new wine cellar restaurant right next door. Tutto Gusto offers small plates of food and more than 200 Italian wines, beers, grappas and coffee drinks. Menu items include meats, cheeses, mini paninis, cavatappi pasta and eight small plates including items such as from seafood salad, polenta with mushrooms and fontina cheese, and steamed mussels in white wine. Full story


Fun Spot on I-Drive in Orlando will start offering test rides on Helicopters. You get 10 minutes for about $35 bucks. Kind of a steep price, but you do get a good look at Universal Orlando which will be very useful once the construction on the new Harry Potter area gets into full swing. Full story

Angry Birds Land has premiered at Särkänniemi’s Adventure Park, in Finland. Honestly, it’s quite fun looking. The area features several flat rides and a nice little hog playground. If you’re a fan of the games, this actually looks to play into that synergy. Check out pics and more here

Are you in the Atlanta area? You can get two free tickets to Six Flags over Georgia and be part of a photo shoot on Wednesday the 16th. There are restrictions, and you must be available for the whole day. And you have to be between the ages of 18-35. Demographics….screw em. Full story

How does Universal celebrate 100 years of films? By rebooting two “horror” franchises. The studios is looking to legendary producers Kurtzman and Orci to get new projects off the ground. The Mummy was recently remade with Brendan Frazer for three films. Now they are looking to redo it completely. Also on the remake block is Van Helsing. Van Helsing was a high priority project for Universal. There was much riding on it, including a kuka roboarm ride in Islands of Adventure, complete with a castle and a village…sound familiar? It was scrapped when the movie bombed. Now Tom Cruise is attached to reboot that series as well…maybe we can finally get a Universal ride with Tom Cruising…running. Full Story

Halo is on the way to the…flickering screen? A five episode, 15 minute web series will be hitting the nets later this year called Halo:Forward Unto Dawn. The series will chronicle Master Chief’s influence on a young cadet, who then appears in the game. It’s not said if it will be live action, or animated….I’m hoping for live action. Full Story

Want to see something cool? A documentary revisits the area in which the Goonies was filmed. It makes direct film comparisons, to real life areas. For the most part, it looks like the town never let the movie end with some areas, like the jail becoming a tourist attraction. Now…DO THE TRUFFLE SHUFFLE!