Universal Orlando beats Walt Disney World to the punch by raising ticket prices


I very well could have called this article “Harry Potter and the rising ticket prices” but for once, an Orlando theme park raised ticket prices without Disney doing it first. Last week Universal Orlando raise the price of it’s one day ticket and several others. This is usually a move that Disney does, with other theme parks in the area following the trend.


This time around it was Harry Potter who leads the charge on the ticket price increase. Attendance has increased significantly since the area opened in 2010. Universal also unveiled several new attractions this year, including a new ride based on the hit film Despicable Me. A one day one park ticket rose to $88.00 dollars according to the Orlando Sentinel.  That makes it $3 dollars higher. than a one day ticket at Walt Disney World, and $1 dollar more than California counter part Disneyland. It also gives Universal Orlando the distinction of being the second most expensive park for a single day admission in the country. The most expensive single day admission remains Discovery Cove, with a one day admission of over $100 dollars during summer months. Unlike Universal Orlando, Discovery Cove is an all inclusive park, which means that once you pay the admission to the park everything else is included.
While the one day ticket wasn’t the only ticket to have a price increase, the Florida Resident, and 3 or 4 day base tickets did not rise. This makes it cheaper for many to stay multiple days at the park. Also, the prices of the parks annual passes did not rise. A two park “Power Pass” is just $164.99 which gives a whole year of admission for the cost of two single day tickets.

The real question now remains, will Disney and the SeaWorld parks raise their ticket prices to match, or will they let Universal ride alone on the price hike?

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