Verbolten soft opens at Busch Gardens Williamsburg


Are you bold enough to Brave the Black Forest? If you are lucky you may get to find out just a few days early, as Busch Gardens Williamsburg is soft opening the all new coaster Verbolten. The message came across Twitter late Friday afternoon by Busch Gardens (@BuschGardensVA) that Verbolten was in Preview Mode, and though there were no promises, guests could very well get an early ride on the all new coaster. Shortly after that, a deluge of reports and responses came flooding onto Twitter.

Here’s what some of you had to say on Twitter:

Verbolten has some legendary shoes to fill. It takes the path of the Big Bad Wolf coaster which was demolished to make room for Busch Gardens Virginia’s first launch coaster.

Busch Gardens seemed to pull out all the stops with Verbolten, adding an amazing looking story to the queue, as well as really cool details.

The queue tells the story of a German travel agency that gives tours through the Black Forest in special tour vehicles. You catch glimpses of road maps, suitcases, and even the owners of the tour agency.

Check out our video of the queue as well as the coaster in action


Our own Vaughn was able to check out the coaster, and here’s what he had to say:

I hate to say it, but this blows The Big Bad Wolf away. Amazing coaster with some really amazing design elements. You’re not going to believe what happens inside the show building. And the drop? It’s completely insane. Busch Gardens definitely knocked this one out of the park!

The ride officially opens May 18th, and will be fit for all riders 48 inches and up, making it a coaster the entire family can enjoy…if they can brave the black forest.

More Verbolten soft opening pics

For more information about Verbolten or to purchase tickets to Busch Gardens Williamsburg, visit the official website!

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