Keeper’s Tales:Keeper’s Postcards-A Mini Series


Greetings…you may call me…Keeper, for I am the keeper of theme park tales. I love theme parks. But what I love even more than theme parks are small attractions. The phrase “tourist trap” comes to mind but that has negative connotations. When I say tourist trap it’s only with love and affection. I’m the Goof in The Goofy Movie dragging the Mrs and daughter from Chester’s Possum Park to the biggest ball of string while they pretend to be interested.

I’m Clark W Griswold standing for half a moment looking out at the Grand Canyon before hustling the family out to the family roadster to get to Wally World before they open. I morn the loss of places like Mystery Fun House , Xanadu (home of the future), Hard Rock Vault, and the trolley and train museum. I support attractions like Gatorland, Titanic, and Ripley’s. I’ve shopped in giant oranges, airplane hangers, alligator’s mouths and shell “museums”. Hell, I’ve even visited the sponge diving museum in Tarpon Springs and once during a business trip had an opportunity to take a side trip to the tourist trap of all tourist traps…Graceland. I still get goosebumps at the memory, but not, of course why the others there were getting goosebumps J. Anyways I LOVE attractions. A few years ago there was a conference I wanted to attend and it was in the Pigeon Forge, TN area. I didn’t have the money or vacation time to go but I did casually look into it to dream of what I was missing out on. In doing so I researched this area and salivated at the array of side attractions I could see if I went. It was like a beefed up countrified version of I-drive with no Disney, Universal or Sea World to distract me. To my eyes it looked like the biggest collection of mini-attractions short of the mecca of Niagara Falls. Alas that trip never happened and I resigned myself to enjoying the mini-attractions in good old Florida. Well never say never my friends. Due to a series of unusual circumstances coinciding I found myself with just enough of both time and money to be able to squeeze in some vacation this summer. The first place I looked was Pigeon Forge, with plane fare out of the question the 12 hour drive tempted me. It was probably on the outer limit of a doable drive but since I would be the primary driver what shape would I be in after? I tried to convince myself I could do it until I found a closer alternative. Myrtle Beach, SC…4 hours closer, less country music, and the same type of collection of attractions. In some cases different branches of the same very attractions in Pigeon Forge.The Mrs. agreed and we find ourselves ready to head out for our first out of state family adventure in over 20 years.  We further decided that to counter the long drive after a grueling vacation schedule we will make a stop off in Savannah, GA for a night on the way home and possibly squeeze in some southern cookin’ and historical touring to cap off our adventure. The challenges for our adventure…the drive, a very short stay, no fully developed goals, and the biggest going to a beach town in peak season when I’m not even a beach goer. I suspect the girls may take a beach detour at some point while I chase down the biggest glob of silly putty or longest railroad spike or some other perceived treasure to add to my journey of adventure. The fun part on this journey is, you get to tag along too. Although reporting on everything will be impossible due to time constraints I plan on sending “postcards” of my mini-adventures so you can enjoy and discover along with us. As always, I will call em as I see em, the good and the bad along the way to give a flavor of an “away from the big boys” kinda trip. Whether the trip succeeds or fails remains to be seen but I imagine we have many adventures awaiting us, and as you know the journey to adventure is part of the fun cause….


Every Day’s An Adventure