San Diego Comic-Con 2012:Frankenweenie


San Diego Comic-Con 2012 wrapped up last week, and we were there! Many movie studios had a huge presence, and were presenting tons of new films to audiences in hopes of getting early buzz generated. Fans lined up, dressed up and nerded out over their favorite actors, directors and characters. We had the chance to sit in with a few of the press conferences during the Con, and geek out with all the information coming out.


Frankenweenie is a return to roots for Director Tim Burton, as it sees him return to one of his favorite short stories that he created as a first film, but it also returns him to Disney Animation. The Director worked on some of the Disney classic films earlier in his career such as The Fox and the Hound, Tron and even The Black Cauldron…all uncredited. Burton also produced and wrote the classic story “The Nightmare Before Christmas” which is now a Disney owned property, and uses stop-motion animation.

Frankenweenie was originally a 28 minute short, black and white film that he directed for Disney. The quirky tale tells the story of Victor, a young boy who loses his best friend, a dog named Sparky. Of course, Victor is a tribute to the mad scientist Victor Frankenstein. The film has now been reimagined, and “re-animated” with the use of stop-motion animation. It tells the same tale of a weird little boy and his dog, but it also expands on it. The story is full of the very characters that  made Burton a household name, and includes a lot of the quirk and design that has felt missing from Burton films of late.

Tim Burton, producer Allison Abbate, producer Don Hahn and the voice of Edgar, Atticus Shaffer were all on hand for the press conference after the screening of an amazing new homage trailer for Frankenweenie.

The trailer pays homage to the classic Universal monster films that Frankenweenie is based off of, and was met with a roar of cheers in Hall H.


We were able to sit in on the press conference, which you can see in it’s entirety below:


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