Theme Park 360: Freshwater Oasis at Discovery Cove


Wow, it’s been a while since we’ve done a Theme Park 360. We’ve been crazy busy here at Behind the Thrills, but we have plans to continue to do our monthly edition of TP360. Sit back, relax, and look for one next month!

This month we take a look at the brand new area at Discovery Cove, Freshwater Oasis. Freshwater Oasis is a great place to relax and swim. As you enter the pool, you will notice green block-style chairs (pictured above). You can relax on these chairs while you hang out in the water, and the best part about it is Discovery Cove allows you to bring your snacks, drinks, and beer into this area. Conveniently located just outside the pool is a snack area.

Freshwater Oasis also features two animal viewing areas: Marmostat Island and an Otter viewing area. Although Marmostat Island is right in the middle of Freshwater Oasis, they will not bother you because the entire island is surrounded by water and they cannot swim, so therefore will not cross the water. The otters are also kept behind glass, but they are fun to watch as they romp around with each other. They also have a viewing area that you can walk up to without having to get into the water.


Freshwater Oasis is now open at Discovery Cove. For more information about Discovery Cove, visit the official website.