A look inside Splitsville at Downtown Disney opening this fall


Downtown Disney has been busy converting the former Virgin Megastore into something with a bit more of a family flair. More importantly, it gives the Mouse owned entertainment complex another activity to do other than shop or eat. Splitsville is getting ready to open the bowling chain’s largest family bowling center in the 50,000 square foot area this fall. Now we get a better look at exactly what we can expect once guests take a step inside.

The photos, courtesy of the Disney Parks Blog, show off a very retro design, very reminiscent of a 60’s era bowling alley. The entire design is very elegant, and feels more like a high end restaurant than a bowling alley. The concept art shows off the buildings escalators giving the feel that different parts of the bowling process will be on different floors. For example, maybe the shoe rental will be on the first while the lanes themselves will be on the second. If nothing else, the concept art gets the excitement level up, and shoots the curiosity of just how they will pull this off.

For more pics, head over to the official Disney Parks Blog!