Cedar Point announces Gate Keeper for 2013


Cedar Point announced their brand new attraction for 2013: Gate Keeper.

Gate Keeper is a B&M Winged Coaster that is going to break records. It will be the longest Winged Rider Coaster and also feature the longest drop on any winged coaster in the world!

Ride stats:

Length: 4,164 feet
Lift Hill Height: 170 feet
Tallest Drop: 163 feet
Angle of Lift Hill: 40 degrees
Cost: $30 million
Ride Time: Approximately 2 minutes 40 seconds
Capacity: Approximately 1,710 riders each hour
Speed: Approximately 67 MPH

Gate Keeper is set to open in May 2013.

Gate Keeper Animation:

Gate Keeper has been specifically designed for Cedar Point. It will feature near miss elements right near the new front gate portals as the coaster flies over the main entrance of the park. Elements of the ride include: Wing Over Drop, Immelmann, Camelback, Zero-G-Roll, Inclined Dive Loop, 360° In-Line-Roll, Camelback Drop, and a Spiral.

You can re-watch today’s live announcement: (skip to about 6:30)

Cedar Point is currently offering a specially priced ticket for a limited time. For a limited time, you can visit Cedar Point for a single day for just $25. Tickets are valid from August 14th until September 3rd. This ticket is valid for guests who are between the ages 3 and 61 who are 48″ or taller while wearing shoes. Click here to purchase your specially priced “Unlock the Gate” ticket.

For more information about Cedar Point, visit the official website.