Chainsaw Wolf celebrates ten years of blood, guts and togetherness


The full moon glows on a lonely autumn night. You hear a howl in the distance, as you quicken up your pace, hoping you don’t run into the other end of that howl. You smell the faint odor of fried bananas as another howl rings across the night. The sudden roar of a chainsaw springs to life behind you, as all of your inhibitions leave you and you run. There’s no use in running, they’ll only chase you. It’s been a yearly right of passage that many of us love…Haunt Season. For ten years, one group has bringing you all the fun and frights in one place.

It’s been ten years since a fan and scareactor at a major haunted event decided host a site on the internet for all haunt freaks to come together, share their enthusiasm for haunt season, and create friendships. An odd combination for those who relish in the sound of screams, the sight of gore, and roar of chainsaws.

“I guess all freaks need a place to call home” says one member.

The group started out as a Yahoo group where thousands would come and talk about their favorite haunts. Soon, the group was having meet ups and field trips at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights. It evolved to include a mini golf tournament, and more. While the yahoo group has gone by the wayside, The Wolf Lives on. For the 10th anniversary, has evolved. Forums have replaced the Yahoo message boards. Instead of approval, or waiting for an invite, guests can sign up, take part in the conversation, or just lurk in the shadows.

While it seems a bit silly to celebrate ten years of a website, it’s no small feat that ChainsawWolf has lasted as long as it has. A lot of sites have popped up with focuses on Halloween Horror Nights, theme parks, and just nerd culture in general. Many of those sites are now just empty pages waiting for someone to spring life into them. Some of the largest fansites have disappeared, leaving it’s members to migrate to another site. But for ten years, ChainsawWolf has kept the blades oiled. The group is made up of all kinds, from fans, to those wanting information, to even scareactors from various haunts. In fact, many of the oldest members are still employed by their seasonal haunted attractions. Even the mighty ChainsawWolf (owner and operator) himself lurks around one of our favorite haunted attractions as a scareactor, waiting for the perfect time to pounce and scare you silly.
We asked just exactly what makes ChainSawWolf so enduring, and why it would last ten years, and this is what members had to say:

  • Kevin Contini One of the best groups I’ve been in. Can’t believe it’s been around for 10 years. Here’s to 10 more, Wolf!
  • Marc Henderson Cool people, coming together for a common interest in horror!
  • Raven Wolfie roxs……
  • Greg Shady Honoring scaractors and fans of haunted attractions since 2002
  • Colin Waggott I like to ask questions on here as you usually get sensible answers…and not some moron trying to guess them!!
  • HauntBetty Chainsaw Wolf and HauntFreaks were born together… and I loved those days. Our affiliation with Wolf started when Brian took a picture from HHN and photoshopped it for our personal vacation web page, removing a little asian girl and leaving a chainsaw wielding maniac that we would all come to love. And I don’t know how, but Wolf found it… and us. And while I don’t keep up with the adventures as much these days, I do wander in every October to reminisce
  • Jennifer Parker Campbell I’m very new to this group but it is THE MOST welcoming group on line!!! Everyone is very helpful even to those of us who aren’t HHN/HOS experts!!! Thanks everybody for the quick responses and great info!!!
  • Bernie Bragg Wharran Down to earth “real” people.
  • George Booras I have found many great friends in Chainsawwolf that I would have never found otherwise. So many good people here and a ton of good times have been had whether its at meetups, the Ale House, mini-golfing or otherwise. I don’t think you could easily find this someplace else.
  • F.U.B.A.R. Easily the best group I have ever been a part of. So many great people sharing a love for haunts and all things horror. Great to see us make the decade point and long live CHAINSAW WOLF!!!
  • Michelle Damon I am for the most part a silent member of many years. I have met many awesome people through Chainshaw Wolf many of who I am fortunate enough to meet up with almost every year at HHN. Gret group of horror and haunt fanatics!


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