Reservations for Alone at Howl-o-Scream are now available


Alone made it’s debut at Howl-o-Scream back in 2010. The house was so popular that it was not only hard to book decent times in advance, but it was pretty much sold out every single night of the event. When Alone made it’s debut, it cost $25 to go through Alone if your purchased in advance, and I believe it was $30 if you booked in the park. You could also take three of your friends with you, which made it a great value. If four people went, it worked out to be  $6.25 per person! If you actually did the house by yourself and made it out…. They rewarded you with a t-shirt.

Busch Gardens brought Alone back last year with a slight change to the ending, but also with a price increase. I’m not 100% sure of the actual price last year, but I believe it was $35 if you booked in advance and $40 if you purchased it day of (someone please correct me if I’m wrong). You could still bring up to three of your friends with you, so it still worked out to be a great deal. However, if you did do the house by yourself.. You didn’t get a shirt.

Alone will be making a return for a third year. Busch Gardens capitalized on the fact that this was such a unique experience because you don’t have the conga line and the scareactors can focus on you and your friends. It is a more terrifying and frightening experience than any other haunted house you’ve probably been in because of the setting. Busch Gardens is no longer the only park offering such a unique experience anymore, as Knott’s announced a similar experience that will make it’s debut at their annual haunt this fall.

Busch Gardens is changing things up a little bit this year.

Alone will cost you $50 to do it by yourself. Unfortunately, you can’t bring your friends at that price. If you want to bring your friends, you will have to pay $10 extra per friend that you bring. For example, if you bring just one friend with you, Alone will run you $60, which works out to be $30 per person. You can bring up to three friends with you, however, pricing starts at $80, which only works out to be $20 per person.

So why the price increase? Well, we aren’t exactly sure, but we can say that it might have something to do with the rumor that Alone sold out every single night in 2011. What do you think? Will you pay an extra $50 dollars to do a Alone….alone? Let us know in the comments below!

To book your Alone experience today, visit the Howl-o-Scream website.