Universal Orlando releases information about Passholder Nights for HHN


Instead of building up the anticipation for haunted houses and mazes at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights, houses have been announced left and right in an unprecedented flow of information. However information on tickets and even annual passes have been very quiet. However, now that August is upon us ticket info is flowing a little more freely and the house information isn’t coming as quick. Ah anticipation.

The Annual passholder monthly e-newsletter came out, and the one thing that all good Annual Passholders do is flip immediately to anything having to do with Halloween Horror Nights. This month is the announcement of the Annual Passholder Nights. The nights are Universal’s way of saying thanks for being an annual passholder. It usually includes early entry into Halloween Horror Nights and the chance to purchase special merchandise.

Space is usually limited, though sign ups haven’t begun quite yet. Stay tuned for more information. 

Of course the only way to participate in annual passholder nights is to become an annual passholder! For more information, visit the official Universal Orlando website!