Universal Orlando tortures fans with the last few details about this year’s Halloween Horror Nights


The acid builds in your guts, as you bite your nails down to bloody painful nubs. You keep refreshing Facebook, and nervously stare at your phone, shivering with antici………pation. You’re promised soon, but soon appears like a doorway in a nightmare, the closer you get the further away it seems. There are no clues, there are no hidden messages, there’s only torture. Pure, unadulterated torture as you wait for the next bit of information about Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights.

This year, Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights has avoided the mystery and the anticipation building and have gone for a whole new approach of revealing their annual line up for Halloween Horror Nights. They’ve treated the clues like Chinese water torture, and have had fans bound by their computers and smartphones waiting for more glimpses through the Official Halloween Horror Nights Facebook Page. Slowly they’ve been dripping information, and teasing images like the one above of Designer Kim Gromoll working on the ideas for Silent Hill, one of the many houses coming to Halloween Horror Nights.

More teases and taunts have come through the official HHN Twitter feed as well, most with promises of more clues. Last week Universal announced that the wait is almost over, and that the full reveal will happen midnight August 30th.

Today via the official Facebook page, HHN revealed a contest that will have the first 22 emailers receive a special clue to the remaining houses. Those who get sent a clue will be entered for a chance to win a tour of a house at Halloween Horror Nights 22 before it’s fully revealed!

According to those that received clues, the clues aren’t always the same, so they need to share what they get with other HHN Fans in order to piece together.

Day 1:

So far we have six clues-

  1. The foolish will not only suffer the consequences, but they will see the house for what it truly is…A horrible place where imagination and reality have combined to create a living nightmare.
  2. By day all is normal, but as the darkness of night falls, the creatures guarding this sanctuary come alive to protect this sacred place from intruders.
  3. It’s time he comes home.
  4. Your future seems grim.
The 2nd clue points to nightly protectors,and the picture is obviously of a church with perhaps Gargoyles guarding it. Sanctuary points to the term used in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, and while I doubt they would do a house about Notre Dame, the Disney animated film had gargoyle protectors. The 4th is clearly the shadow of Nosferatu, though in front of a church style window.

Compare with this picture of Nosferatu:

I would almost say this is a nod, with the first clue, to “100 years of Horror” since Nosferatu is 90 years old…BUT two problems with that. The fourth clue isn’t the iconic Nosferatu creeping to a girls room, it’s of a church-style window. Second problem, Nosferatu isn’t a Universal property. It’s open domain, which means just about anyone can use it.

Universal also posted this to their Facebook:

We knew with all the construction going on something like this might happen. We’ve dug “something” up. We’re not exactly sure what it is, but it is NOT of this world. It’s freaking us out a little bit. More to come…


Day 2

The clues came a bit earlier today, and we are seeing a steady stream of new clues flowing.

  1. ‎”Fear grips your heart as the darkness surrounds you…Then all of a sudden a flash of lightning strikes and terror’s true faces take back what is theirs.”
  2. “Your future seems grim”
It seems we have a huge mismash of clues today. Some match the clues from yesterday, and point to a Gargoyle house, specifically a group of Gargoyles guarding a church. Clue 3 from today seems to be a picture like what was used in the original Dead Silence house back in 2007. It’s very possible to get a sequel from that house or a “100 years of Horror” house since Universal is having it’s big anniversary this year. Clue 4 from today is a very old school haunted house. We’ve seen a haunted house in 2010 with “Legendary Truth”…it could be that LT is starting back up again with another investigation.
Also in true fashion from yesterday, a final clue was released to all, only this time on Twitter
Remember that thing we dug up yesterday? This “creature” is confirmed to be emerging from the ground…and is not alone.
Clearly some kind of zombie, and with “is not alone”…we could be looking at a horde of zombies. But we could also be seeing the beginnings of an Icon, of which there has been no sign. They keep referring to “he has come home” and “this is not of this world” etc…We could see our Icon being “unearthed”.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below! We’ll keep adding clues as we get them daily!

To play along with the game, and your chance to win, like the official Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights Facebook Page!

For more information on Halloween Horror Nights, including tickets, visit the official HHN Orlando website!