A look inside Dine with Shamu at SeaWorld Orlando


After a long hiatus, Dine with Shamu is now open and they are taking reservations online and in the park. SeaWorld is running a great deal on Dine with Shamu right now. Normally, adults are $29 and kids (ages 3-9) are $19, but if you book now through December 25th, kids are free with a paid adult’s admission. A family of four could enjoy Dine with Shamu for roughly $60.

So what does Dine with Shamu offer?

First and foremost, Dine with Shamu offers food! The food is all natural, and it is buffet style. The menu offers a wide variety, including some seafood, and things that your kids would love!

We caught up with Hector Colon, Executive Chef at SeaWorld Orlando who tells us a little bit about the menu at Dine with Shamu.


The menu changes with the season, but here is Dine with Shamu’s menu as of September 2012:

  • Seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Certified Sustainable Seafood
  • All natural grain fed Beef Sirloin
  • Open flame grilled free range chicken
  • 100% natural pork loin with no preservatives or additives
  • Seasonal accompaniments
  • Fresh breads baked daily by our skilled Sea World bakers
  • Signature desserts
  • Hot dogs
  • Sea shell pasta with vine ripe tomato marinara and meatballs
  • Mac and cheese

It also offers an educational look at the Killer Whales. While the trainers are interacting with the whales, a speaker will talk about the training process and other things that SeaWorld does with their killer whales.


Fun Facts:

  • SeaWorld weighs their Killer Whales once a week
  • SeaWorld brushes their Killer Whales’ teeth
  • There is roughly 7 million gallons of water in the Killer whale tanks
  • They feed them things like Jello and Ice as a special treat
  • Each trainer has a different relationship with each whale
  • In the wild, female Killer Whales run the pod (they make all the decisions and are the boss)

For more information about SeaWorld Orlando, visit the official website.