Get ready to Piss your Pants-Goretorium opens with gore, and soundtracks this Friday!


It’s almost time, and the preparations are being made. The blood is starting to flow, and the janitors are already getting pissed off. Eli Roth’s Goretorium opens this Friday in Las Vegas and you could cut the excitement until it screams. Las Vegas’s only year round haunted attraction has been years in the making, and the wait is just about over. To get the festivities rolling, DJ Ashba has released an all new soundtrack and Eli Roth has sent us a little welcome present to sink your teeth into.     Eli Roth’s Goretorium is set to open on the Vegas strip this Friday, and with it will come the story of the Delmont Hotel, once the pride of the strip, until people started going in and didn’t come out. Rumor is that a family of serial killers has taken residence in the hotel, and those who come in will wish they hadn’t. Guitarist and demented mind, DJ Ashba has recorded an all new soundtrack specifically for Goretorium that will tell the story of a couple who tried to escape the hell of their lives, only to find themselves as victims of the Delmont. From the official website:

They met in rehab two blocks from the corner where they once scored, each unaware of the other. He was an orphan of suicidal parents that offed themselves in a bizarre cult ritual. She from a broken home, survived on scraps of love while avoiding the drunken fury of her deadbeat father. Together they filled each other’s dark needs with a connection neither thought they’d ever be capable of. This bond helped lift them out of the hellish pit of addiction, psychological torment and released the demons of their past. As they set off on their honeymoon and the escape from the memories of a previous life, the drifters took to the open road in a stolen Chevy convertible leaving behind their broken dreams, seeking to replace them with the hope and promise of a new future in sin city Las Vegas. Upon arrival, the dust beaten convertible creaks to a stop in the hotel parking lot, the two passengers step out of the sun-bleached automobile, steam hissing from the radiator and mouth the words “T h e D e l m o n t” as they look up at the flickering neon sign. What follows is the gruesome story of a couple that never did get a chance to escape a life of hell.

The soundtrack is now on sale at DJ Ashba’s site, and will be on sale at the Goretorium gift shop as well.   If that’s not enough, we received a special order of “take out” delivered to us from Eli Roth himself, a plain brown box with the words Goretorium stamped across it. I’ve received my share of mysterious boxes, but nothing really prepared me for what happened next as I opened the box with my seemingly innocent daughter. Check out the surprise: httpvh://   Talk about scary shit! A very cool gift, and an even cooler way to invite media out to the event. If the stuff we get is this gory, one can only imagine the hell that’s waiting for us as we walk in this weekend.

Goretorium will feature self guided tours through a state of the art Haunted House, and the one of a kind night club, Babydolls. The nightclub will feature zombie go go dancers which will be fed with live feedings every hour.

For more information, or to reserve your tickets to hell, visit the official Goretorium website!