The Dark side of the gardens returns to Busch Gardens Williamsburg this Friday


In the dark side of the gardens, there so much you will find. The only thing that you have to lose is a little of your mind…and you can lose it starting this Friday at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. This past Saturday Busch Gardens Williamsburg announced that they will be extending Howl O Scream by a week, and they will be adding some frightening new features this fall.


This year Howl O Scream has one new house, but a ton of returning favorites

  • Root of All Evil-Venture if you dare into a decrepit greenhouse. Experiments here have not gone as planned and evil has taken control. Kind of explains the vines growing all over Verbolten!
  • 13:You Number’s Up-Once again the dark tower has been opened.
  • Catacombs-The ruined cemetery comes to life in France once again
  • Fear Fair-On the outskirts of Italy, the circus has come back to town
  • Bitten-Vampires roam Eastern Europe
  • Dead Line-The workers under the subway of Pompeii hit something…and it’s infecting everyone



Monster Stomp will take a two year hiatus, but it seems that the good Doctor and the nurses will step into their place.

  • Fiends-Now in the Abbeystone theater, code pink is declared as the Doctor creates the ultimate fiend
  • Dig it Up-Why oh why do I hear a KISS parody coming for this show? Dig it Up will feature music and the dug up creatures from all throughout time like Egyptians, Cavemen and even an Alien Encounter. Maybe even Jean Simmons?
  • Night Beats-A live singing show will have all genres of music performed by all manners of creatures. From the roaring 20’s to vampires spinning today’s hits

Frightening Features


The park will not have traditional scare zones once again. Instead they will have roaming hordes of creatures, ghosts and ghouls scaring guests all over the park.

  • Inoculation Station-A new area to get “shots” from nurses and also photo ops with hot pink haired nurses
  • Open CASKet-Vampires serve an specialty drink in Germany
  • Dark Side of the Gardens Store-Get all your Dark side souvenirs


All new tours are also on the bill as three different tours give you an inside look at how Howl O Scream is brought together.

  • Eerie Insider Tour-Experience the best of Howl-O-Scream with no lines. All haunted houses, all scare zones, all in one night. Your tour also includes reserved seating at two of our most popular shows. Our Eerie Insider Tour is Howl-O-Scream at its finest (or scariest). Come join us for the fright of your life … if you dare.
  • All Access Insider Tour-When we say all-access, we mean it. Venture behind-the-curtain at one of our haunted houses, enjoy dinner at one of our fright-filled shows and get your makeup done just like the performers. That’s just the beginning… your all-access tour also includes priority access for all haunted houses and reserved seating at two of our most popular shows. If you’re looking for the ultimate Howl-O-Scream experience, this tour is for you.
  • Fiends Insider Tour-Meet the performers of the most fright-tastic show in the park. On this tour, you’ll enjoy Fiends from the best seats in the house, meet the cast and receive a special photo CD of your experience. It’s a frightfully fun experience for ages 12 and up.

Add that with the coasters in the dark, all the different photo opportunities and additional VIP tours. Howl O Scream opens this weekend and goes weekends until October 28th. This weekend passholders can bring friends to Howl O Scream for free! The event is not recommended for those under 13.

For more information, including tickets, visit the official Howl O Scream website!