Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Florida-A guide to seeing everything!


Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights is one the most popular events in the entire country. It’s no surprise that because it’s so popular, the lines for the houses, rides and even bathrooms can be rather long. The lines are so long that if you don’t plan your attack right, you could possibly see one or maybe two houses. This then leads to huge complaints about the event “not being scary” or a “ripoff”. Lucky for you, it’s very easy to see all the event has to offer in just one night.



Halloween is just around the corner, which means that everyone is out looking for Halloween events to get the spit scared out of them. With seven haunted houses, two shows, and a roaming Legions of Horror,Halloween Horror Nights 22 has so much to see, that really the best way to see it all is to come back multiple nights. We know that sometimes that’s just not possible for many reasons. Maybe you live a good drive away (like us!) or maybe you have kids and getting a babysitter is sometimes difficult (like us!) or maybe the budget only allows for one visit to Halloween Horror Nights. While seeing multiple nights is the best recommendation, it is possible to see a lot-if not all, of the event in one night. Here are some quick tips to help you get the most out of your experience, skip the lines, and see all there is to see.

 Ticket Upgrades

  • RIP Tours- This option is the absolute best option there is available. It’s also the most expensive. Each group has about 12 guests, and you get VIP entrance to all houses, Bill and Ted and two rides. You skip all of the line, and you even get a little bit of background information about each house. The spots fill up fast, and several dates are already sold out. The closer you get to the event, the more expensive it becomes. If you want to get a group of eight or more of your friends, you can get a private tour and have the same advantages, but split the cost. This option does not include park admission to Halloween Horror Nights and it does not include admission into Universal Studios Florida during the day. This is an add on…but while it is pricey,  it’s amazing and completely worth every penny. More details
  • Express-This option allows you to skip the regular lines at every single haunted house, show and ride in the park with a reduced wait. It won’t allow you to skip it completely, but it will cut significantly. If the regular line is at a 120 minute wait, you could wait around 30 minutes. Times vary depending on crowd levels, but it is certainly a way to beat the crowds. Price varies depending on night, and you could be paying upwards of $80 dollars. More details
  • Stay and Scream-Stay and Scream gives you the option of staying in the park while it closes and transforms into Halloween Horror Nights. You are then put into holding areas (such as near Finnegan’s restaurant and the E.T. ride) and released as early as 45 minutes before the front gates open to regular guests. They pulse the opening of the houses, so that you are waiting a little bit…but 15 minutes now beats 90 minutes later. This option requires that you have a day ticket or a Stay and Scream ticket. It is a little extra, but definitely worth it.
  • Scream Early-This option is amazing. You can gain access to Universal Studios at 3p.m. You then have access to Stay and Scream at 5p.m. You can ride some rides for two hours, then get into the waiting area. If you buy this ticket online it’s just $20 bucks! If you buy it at the park, it’s $30. It’s not a full day, so you don’t get to see everything, but you save money and get into the event early.  More details

 Plan of Attack


Every good battle needs a plan of attack for a victory. Halloween Horror Nights is no different. If you plan things out, instead of just showing up and jumping in line, then you stand a good chance of seeing more.


  • Pray For Rain-Halloween Horror Nights goes on regardless of weather. Tropical Storms, Hurricanes, plagues, locusts…the event goes on. The worst the weather, the more the crowds stay home. Just because you get a little wet, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Wait out the rain, and watch the crowds scatter like ants!
  • Early early early-Get to the park early. If you can’t do Stay and Scream, line up at the front gates early. If you are there by five o clock, you’ll have to wait in the line to get in, but you’ll be up front. The park gets busy, and it takes time to get everyone through. Early is the key. If you come strolling up to the park at around 7 or even 9 o’clock…lots of luck to you. You might get one house done. Early…did we mention early?
  • Houses First-Here’s the thing, Haunted Houses are the reason for Halloween Horror Nights. Unlike other parks, Universal changes out the houses every year. They are only around for a month and a half, and then they’re gone. Do the houses first, then shows. Like the houses, they are only around for a short time. Then, if you have time…ride a ride. The rides are always there, and the park is always open. Come back later, and often.
  • Map it out-Plan out what houses you absolutely must see. Make note of where they are, and make a beeline for them.
  • Front of the park first-When you walk into the park, what house is the first one you do? Usually the first one you see, right? Start at the front of the park, then do the middle, then work your way back. It makes sense and if you try to do the back first, then the front….you’re going to be met with longer lines
  • Go with the Flow-Here’s my personal preference for house order, simply because of the way that the traffic flows. You literally go into one, exit then jump right into the next:
  1. Silent Hill
  2. Gothic
  3. Dead End
  4. Walking Dead
  5. House of Horrors
  6. Alice Cooper
  7. Penn&Teller
  • Eat and Drink later-If your goal is to get drunk, and have dinner, then you’re going to wait in lines for houses. If your goal is to see all the houses, then do that stuff later. That goes for souvenir shopping too. Shop for stuff when you’re done seeing houses
  • Skip Trick or Treating-If you have the option to skip out on Halloween festivities on Halloween, go to Horror Nights. Halloween is traditionally one of the least crowded nights of the event….mostly everyone is out trick or treating.
Follow these tips, and you could be waiting in line less and screaming a lot more. Remember the biggest tip is to come back often, and see the event over several nights if possible. Also, plan ahead for next year. Traditionally the first three weeks aren’t that busy, and they make for lighter crowds and more fun.